Repair Services Available On-Location

Vehicle Maintenance


Engine repairs:

Removal and Replacement

Minor and Major repairs

Gaskets and Seals

Engine cooling


Automatic/Manual Transmission:

Removal and Replacement

Minor repairs

Gaskets and Seals

Clutch components

Steering and Suspension:

Shocks and Struts

Ball Joints and Kingpins

Power Steering components

Wheel Bearings


Braking System repairs:

Pads and Shoes

Rotors and Drums

ABS systems

Hybrid braking systems


Drive train:

Front and Rear Axle repair


Transfer case Replacement

Gaskets and Seals


Electrical and Electronic Systems:

Starting and Charging

Hybrid Systems

Body and Chassis electrical repairs


Engine Performance:

Supercharger/Turbo charger/Pro-charger Systems

Fuel systems

Emission systems

Drive-ability concerns

Repairs and services

NOT available on-site

Alignments, Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections, Engine Rebuild, Transmission Rebuild

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