Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

What information do you store?

We store user input data sent through the contact forms on this website, along with meta information about the submissions, including the time stamp, the origin IP address, and the user agent (browser). Also, third party services may collect information about website visitors. We currently use Google Analytics and Google AdSense on this website. From time to time we may pull data from other sites such as Social Media Sites the data is also publicized on those sites we have no control over the data published by visitors, users, clients and customers the data received and transferred here on this site is already made public by the user’s whom have published it voluntarily elsewhere however the this Privacy Policy still applies to such transferable data and information.

Where does the information go?

We use the Contact Form 7 plugin to manage contact form submissions. The information is sent as email messages that only a select few are allowed to access. The information is not stored in the database on our hosting server for backup and later reference purposes.

How long do you keep the information?

We don’t set a particular time limit on storing information because we need it for future reference. If you want your information to be removed from our database, please contact us. We will remove it anytime there are concerns about your privacy.

Do you share the information with other parties?

No, absolutely not although we do use some WordPress plugins on this website that may pass data, including personal information, to external servers to process, such as Akismet Anti-Spam or a Honey Pot although this information is not stored on any data base unless you are deemed to be conducting business on this website that is not conducive to the environment.

We only use WordPress plugins and themes that are hosted by’s guidelines clearly prohibit tracking users without their explicit informed consent.

This policy was updated on 12/19/2018


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