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About ShadeTree Repair LLC.


Our Specialty:  We are an elite Mobile Automotive Repair service. We want to be your go to Mobile Mechanic for all your vehicle care concerns.

Our History:  ShadeTree Repair was Established in 2014. Since then we have grown to become an elite, trustworthy and most importantly affordable mobile repair service.

ShadeTree Repair began in my driveway as just an idea.  I wanted to help people maintain their vehicle at an affordable rate.  Now 5 years later we are 100% mobile and looking to bring on more mechanics to better service you, our customer.

I started this business to help combat the ever rising cost of car repair. Most repairs are easily done in a mobile fashion. Call us and see how much money we can save you.  

Meet The Owner:

Jason Finn Owner of ShadeTree Repair Contact Me Today!


ShadeTree Repair began as a need for a change in the automotive repair industry.

I personally had never had a car/truck of mine break down on me at the shop, rarely did it ever break down at home for that matter. When my vehicle would break down I would be on my way to work or wanting to go back home or to the store.

I would call a friend and they would be busy doing something…. Then I would call a tow truck so I could get it home until the auto repair places would open the next day and race to get it to them if they had time to look at it this week, in hopes they might get to it sooner if its setting on the lot. But, PLEASE don’t bring up the bill. The cost would be through the roof and I would cry.

I find this system to be flawed! I have heard a story much like this many times from people over the years and I knew there had to be another way, but there wasn’t one I could find. So after finishing a degree in Automotive Technology, joining the military and serving 3 years as a diesel generator technician, then taking classes to become a Mechanical Engineer to help aid in the research/design of the next generation in automotive transportation. I discovered this to be a very expensive degree choice when my funding fell through. I went back to my love of cars and helping people and started ShadeTree Repair in 2014.

The name ShadeTree Repair came out of 2 things. One, my inability to spell words correctly and two, when I was young the local shade tree mechanic was a nice gentleman that would come help you with car repairs for a small fee or maybe free with dinner.

I found myself as the local shade tree mechanic helping friends, neighbors and family with most of their car repairs and sometimes picking up a good home cooked meal from some of the great people I helped.

I have not taken my personal vehicle to a shop very many times in my life due to the ability to fix, repair and rebuild things without a lot of effort for more than 20 years now.

I know that not everyone can do this so ShadeTree Repair was born in my drive way but now we are 100% a mobile automotive repair company to better help others in the reasonable driving distance of Rogersville, Missouri, where we call home. We go to you!


     We are a member of the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.  We want to be a name you can trust and know quality is what you will get with every repair done right the first time.

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